Our company has its own design department and modern production in Ukraine, which allows us to provide the best price - quality on the market.



The company has its own design department and modern production in Ukraine, which allows us to provide the best price - quality on the market.


Street lighting poles

Steel poles, galvanized, telescopic, round conical and octagonal one. Dyeing powder paints in anyone color RAL on request.


Park lighting poles

Lighting has provided high quality efficient light distribution over the entire life cycle. Currently, however, decorative street lamps not only have to meet the functional requirements, but also fit perfectly into the environment. In the nomenclature TERNOLIGHT lamps have a variety of form, color, concept.


Indirect lighting system

Indirect lighting system fits perfectly into the environment of modern cities and can be used for lighting parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, parking lots, etc.


Lighting columns

Lighting columns are luminous design features for public areas. They are especially suitable for delineating and structuring outside areas. They can guide or direct pedestrians and traffic. The awareness level for these luminaires is markedly higher than for pole-top luminaires. Light columns can harmonize with or even highlight the respective architectural structure.


Light fixture

Light fixtures available in diverse sizes and light outputs to illuminate squares, driveways and urban streets.


Greenhouse lighting

Lamps for greenhouses, winter gardens and other areas used for growing flowers, vegetables, sale and storage of live green plants and trees.
For the production of our lamps use only high quality components world famous manufacturers such as Vossloh-Schwabe Deutschland GmbH, ALANOD Aluminium Veredlung GmbH & Co and others.


Elements of improvement

Outdoor furniture – an essential attribute of parks, gardens and adjoining areas, households in urban flats and other recreational areas. We are engaged in designing, manufacturing and sales of outdoor furniture and metal structures. You will find a wide range of products for decorating objects of any appointments for private residences, public areas, city streets.


Ternolight LTD – manufacturer of street and park poles and fixtures to them. Another focus is the production lamps for greenhouses. The company was founded in 2007.

Today we offer our partners a comprehensive range of services:

  • Manufacturing park and street lighting;
  • Production park lamps;
  • Drafting lighting / selection of the type and placement of lighting points;
  • Production of greenhouse lamps;
  • Production and installation of lighting control boards and power equipment;
  • Installation of the power equipment and lighting systems;
  • Maintenance, repair, restoration of existing equipment;
  • Guarantee service installed equipment.

We are ready to cooperate with anyone who appreciates quality and reliability.